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Not only does Beaufort have great fishing practically year round, Beaufort South Carolina has a history that has contributed to our present day. Historical sites that can be seen from the Beaufort River and Port Royal sound include, a period British Fort, a historic Spanish Fort, a fort from the Mexican American War, and a Fort from the Civil War! Also, a great view from Paris Island, The Marine Corps Recruit Depot can be seen from the Port Royal Sound.

From the Seawolf you can expect to see lowcountry nature, from coastal birds, to the bottle-nose dolphin that often swims in the wake of Seawolf. Even the occasional sea turtle shows itself from time to time. If you enjoy nature as much as you enjoy fishing, then you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Please call Capt. Wally for reservations at (843)-521-3372

The cost is $100 per hour (The cruise takes a minimum of 2 hours)

Historical Timeline:

4,000 B.C.
Native Americans


Spanish Established Santa Elena

(Parris Island)
Sold to Alexander Parris 1715
Later, Parris Island was the home of a large cotton plantation owned by the Elliott Family

Beaufort Chartered

Ft. Frederick on present day Naval Hospital grounds

Scottish Settlement Ft. Lyttleton

Nov. 1861
Battle of “Port Royal Sound”
2 Forts:
Ft. Beauregard & Ft. Walker

Fort Fremont
Spanish American War


“Monkey” Island Tour (Morgan Island, SC)

Enjoy this 3-4 hour Nature cruise up the coastline of Beaufort County SC as we head towards the Morgan Island Primate Colony. The island hosts between 3000-4000 monkeys living wild. Due to the wildness of the primates, there is a strict no trespassing policy, so we do not dock at the island, but will encircle the island so you can see the monkeys in a wild habitat.

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Cruise Details:

  • 40 Mile Trip
  • 5 Hour Duration
  • 3000-4000 Monkeys on the Island
  • 50% chance to see wild monkeys on the island habitat
  • Bring Binoculars and a Camera

Call Captain Wally for pricing or to schedule your cruise:



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