What are your open dates?

Charters are taken throughout the year and finalized only by telephone; therefore, it is best to call to get the latest information (843-521-3372).

What experience is necessary?

The Captain and Mate provide instructions on all aspects of fishing and safety. No experience is necessary; however, all members of the party must be at least eight (8) years old.

What is the maximum number in a party?

Capt. Wally is licensed by the US Coast Guard to charter up to 6 persons. The maximum number in a party is six (6) persons. In as much as, the SEAWOLF VI is a charter boat, the cost of the daily charter is the same for one (1) person as it is for six (6) persons.

What is the amount of fishing time vs running time?

The amount of time getting to a fishing area is very dependent on the weather and the type of fishing that is anticipated. Normally, about two thirds (66%) of a trip will be spent fishing…if conditions permit.

What do the customers have to provide?

Customers have to provide food and beverages for members of their party. Everything else for fishing is provided, including rods. Drunkenness will not be tolerated. In this situation, the Captain has the right to end the trip early without giving a refund or discount for the trip.

How many fish can the customer keep?

The Seawolf VI encourages “catch & release”; however, customers can keep the limit of legal-sized fish. There is no fee for cleaning fish. The boat’s crew provides this service.

Is a deposit required?

Yes, there is a minimum dollar deposit is required to make a reservation. Please call for the amount, as deposits vary based on the type of guide requested and the amount of people. A ten-day advance notice of cancellation by the customer is required for a refund. If the Captain cancels the trip because of weather or mechanical problems, the deposit is automatically returned.

Is tipping allowed?

Yes tipping is allowed. The normal rate for tipping is normally 15% of the trip.

How should payments be made?

Payments are to be made by personal check or cash.

Charter manners for all occasions.

The following points are extracted from an excellent article called “Chartering Checklist” written by John Phillips in the February 1998, issue of Salt Water Sportsman (pages 94-95).


* Send in the deposit as soon as you book your trip.
* Bring your own sunscreen, seasickness remedies, coolers, hand towels and extra clothing.
* Treat the boat like your own home.


* Wear shoes with hard or black soles, which may leave scuffmarks on the deck. Sneakers and deck shoes are OK.
* Get upset when the captain moves off a spot where you are catching fish. This is often done to keep a certain wreck or reef from being overfished.
* Wait until the last minute to book for a trip. Plan on booking six months to a year in advance for a weekend trip; weekday charters can often be booked two to three months in advance.
* Expect to stock your freezer on a one-day trip.
* Demand to catch a certain size fish or a certain number of fish. Fishing is fishing and there are no guarantees.
* Expect to pay less if you come home empty-handed, unless this is negotiated before the trip.
* Expect an eight-hour trip to mean eight hours of fishing. The stated length of the charter includes running time to and from the fishing grounds.
* Call the Captain the night before the trip to ask how the fishing has been. One day may be very different from the next.
* Call the Captain after 9:00 PM. Restrict your calls to between 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM.
* Expect the Captain to let you sleep on the boat the night before the trip.
* Forget to include the name of the boat and the date of your scheduled trip when you send in a deposit check.