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July 20, 2009

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for the FANTASTIC TRIP with you and Jim yesterday! We ALL enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and I’m sure we will be talking about the trip for a long long time!

The orientation you gave us as we were leaving the marina was so informative, but yet light and fun. We felt so welcome and you both encouraged us and made us feel good – even though we didn’t really know what we were doing. Do you do that for every charter? I mean, do you put the lines out and bait the hooks and stuff for everybody that goes out with you? Dean said on the charters he’s been on in the past, “you are on your own” and on some of the trips he’s been on, he never caught anything at all – but it wasn’t your charter either.

I will never EVER forget you getting off the boat and giving us 52 push ups! It’s obvious that you work out and don’t have an ounce of fat on your body, but that was pretty impressive! Kim has a great picture of you doing your push ups!

We all want to go out with you again … and we’ll pay! Now that I know I won’t get sick, I’d like to do an all-day trip to the gulf stream. I’m “hooked” on fishing now!

OH and the best part was cooking our catch last night … the fish was absolutely DELICIOUS! Jim was right, a little salt, pepper, and Lawrey’s Seaoning is all it needed. YUMMMM!

THANK YOU AGAIN for a wonderful day on the water and for the ROYAL TREATMENT we received. You will get LOTS AND LOTS of referrals from us, I assure you!

Whenever someone asks me what they can do here that’s FUN, you’ll be at the TOP of my list!


P. S. I hope your wife realizes what a “great catch” she has in you. You truly are one of a kind, Captain Wally!

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